Thai Yoga Therapy, otherwise known as Thai Massage, is a unique form of body work that re-aligns the body with acupressure, passive joint mobility, deep stretching and specialized isometrics. The result is that the body becomes not only more supple and loose, but also more physically capable and ready to perform. Using yoga-like poses and a series of rhythmic pulling and pushing movements works to reset the entire body and helps you find balance, physically and energetically, whatever your level of activity. Whether you're an athlete looking for improvement in performance, a yoga practitioner looking to fast track your progress or recovering from surgery, illness or injury, Thai Yoga Therapy will benefit you!

Think of Thai Yoga Therapy is as applied yoga. With skill, gentleness and persistence, the therapist deftly maneuvers your body into yoga postures on a mat that you could not accomplish on your own. It is over 2500 years old. When Buddhism traveled to Thailand, Buddha’s own physician taught the monks in the monasteries who then refined the style over the centuries into the most comprehensive form of manual therapy anywhere in the world. Sam traveled to Thailand to study in the Lahu village where Thai Yoga Therapy was first taught to Westerners seeking to learn this secret healing art. In Laos in 2010 at the Thai Massage Circus, He completed his advance training in OsteoThai, a fusion of French manual osteopathic methods and Thai Yoga Therapy taught by Dr. David Lutt and Dr. Arno L'Hermitte.