Pilates with Sam Scholtes

Pilates is a total body conditioning system that integrates the mind and body to improve precision in muscle control, strength and flexibility.  Pilates achieves quality of movement and function by creating body awareness, coordination and endurance.

Breathing, correct initiation of muscle action and postural support are emphasized in every sequence, so the principles may also be applied while carrying out everyday activities.

If specific movement patterns are repeated regularly it can result in over activity of some muscle groups and under activity of others – for example, endurance-type muscles in runners, cyclists, etc.  This can also happen with recreational activities or in the work environment.  For example, a person who lifts regularly using the muscles in the arms and shoulders without engaging the powerful torso muscles will develop a weakness of the stabilizers – essentially the back and abdominal muscles – as well as weakness and tension in the arm and shoulder muscles.  This will eventually cause injury to and degeneration of the unsupported spine (disc problems, SI weakness and low-back pain). Learn a fun, safe way to move!