Sam Scholtes: BS, CSCS, has been a personal trainer since 1999. He completed his first training credential as a Health and Fitness Instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine during his senior year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, while completing his degree in Biological Sciences. His style integrates scientific Western strength and conditioning with the more traditional esoteric arts of Qi Gong, Yoga and Thai Yoga Therapy.

Sam goes to the source for his trainings; studying Yoga in India, Tai Chi in China and Thai Yoga Therapy in Thailand. Sam goes to these lengths because of his intrinsic understanding that the spirit of the source is contained within the cultural context that bred it, much like the heart gives leadership to the head. He feels that though his education gives structure to his work, it is his intuition and feeling that guides him. He blends effortlessly the fruits of his discipline into a banquet that feeds the body and nourishes the heart and soul.

"Enjoying the process and having fun is what my style of training is all about! The results you earn blossom directly from your joy of learning and experiencing just what your body, mind and spirit are capable of accomplishing!"

Sam Scholtes trains at The Capital Athletic Club in downtown Sacramento & Anytime Fitness in East Sacramento.